Wednesday, October 14, 2009


HIB-System AG Opens HIB-System, LLC in North America


Meissenheim, Germany / Grand Rapids, MI, — In order to better support the growing market in North America for HIB products, the HIB-System AG announced today the opening of their US headquarters located in Grand Rapids, MI. HIB-System manufactures an eco-friendly, modular, affordable building system with an overall positive CO2 foot print and is focused on long-term sustainability and energy efficiency.


“We have experienced increasing interest for modular wall systems throughout the region, and believe that we can provide excellent customer service and design support for all our US customers from our new Grand Rapids facility” according to Jan-Michael Hoetzel, Head of US operations. “This is the natural next step to provide the American market with the highest quality natural building materials for high comfort living and lowest environmental impact possible.“


The second generation HIB-System elements have been developed, allowing for decentralized manufacturing of HIB-System Elements, virtually in any region in the United States and Canada. The automated computerized planning and manufacturing assures the HIB-System a standardized process globally, making the manufacturing of HIB-System elements easy and cost effective.


HIB-System is specifically designed to meet the challenges of today’s needs for sustainable building: energy efficiency, living comfort, stable indoor temperatures, non-toxic materials and indoor air quality. Additionally the HIB-System elements are wind and earthquake resistant and provide outstanding structural-physical behavior. A simulation model is available to evaluate different climate zones through out the United States.


The HIB-System has won a number of international awards such as the prestigious innovation design award of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and has been chosen as a building wall system for the Eco-Design Competition in Greensburg, KS.


HIB-System is looking for regional license partners to serve different markets in the United States and Canada. HIB-System partners will be trained and certified to assure the high quality standards of the HIB-System are fulfilled.  


For more information please visit contact Gabi Nolte-Hoetzel or call (616) 425-5280.